• "I absolutely love every product I have used from Andrelle's. The products last and are made of quality ingredients. They are not harsh on the skin, and they leave me with the comfort to not wear makeup. My favorite products are the notoriously normal cleanser and the carrot oil spray. I also absolutely love the clean feeling after the mud mask. I have currently been using these products for a little over a year. I have recommended them to all of my friends and family, and I will never go back."
    Lacy Davillier /
  • "I'm soooo thankful for this skincare line!!! I have sensitive skin & had acne scars. Thanks to Andrelles all natural products my skin is the clearest it's ever been in my life. Suffering with skin problems for more than 15 years of my life; it's refreshing to find something that actually works! It's also nice to be able to pronounce everything in it because it's all natural & chemical free. Gentle on skin, tough on acne. I tell everyone about Andrelles!!!! Thank you so much for making such great products!!!"
    Angel “Red” Fascio /
  • "I never struggled with acne or dark spots as a teen. It seems that once I hit 25, I couldn't go a day with out a new pimple popping up and Dark spots...YOU NAME IT! I've used every product from store brands to professional products like ProActive and Obagi which got expensive! So glad I came across Andrelle's!! I noticed a change within 2 weeks! Smoother skin, lighter dark spots, NO ACNE and it's AFFORDABLE! I'd recommend to all. Btw it's  made with natural products. Yet Another reason to LOVE IT :)! "
    Soleil McLaughlin /
  • "Using Andrelle’s by KCJ has been the best decision I've ever made!!! But my skin hasn't been so clear and smooth. I've tried everything from proactive to clean and clear etc even seen top of the line dermatologists and they couldn't get anything to really help my skin get on track . Once I started using Krystal's products my skin instantly changed! I can go makeup less!"
    Mia Muller /
  • "I use the Simply Sebaceous cleanser with the moisturizer and I absolutely love it. I can get a break out, use the product, and within two days my break out is gone. I get so many compliments on my skin. The deep cleansing mask and brightening scrub is AWESOME!!!! I pamper myself once a week with the mask, scrub, cleanser, and moisturizer. My face feels great afterwards. If your eyes are still looking sleepy you have to use the wake up eye cream. It works within seconds!!!"
    Kimberly Burrell /
  • "I've used the variety of Andrelle's by KCJ products, and they've all done what they were meant to do. From making my skin soft to getting rid of unsightly blemishes. Most importantly they were all made with natural ingredients. I didn't have to worry about what harsh chemicals were going into my skin. I've been beyond satisfied every time."
    Jaelyn Langston /