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I’m Simply Sebaceous – HELP!!!! (Shine Control)

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“My skin is oily, ALL THE TIME. I’ve tried so many things and I cannot get my skin to stop being so darn oily!!”

If I have heard the above statement once, I’ve heard it a billion times. So many of my customers have oily skin (but Combination is my number 1) and all they want is to NOT have oily skin. Now, I love oily skin because believe it or not, it keeps us looking younger, longer. How? Well, revert back to my last post on anti-aging and you will see that hydrated skin is youthful skin. Oil production in the skin is just our body’s way of keeping the skin hydrated. Oil production should be a blessing, not a nuisance. Moderate oil production is normal – severe oil production is not. Here is where you need to evaluate what you are doing, or not doing, to cause your skin to produce so much oil.