About Us

In 2007, before natural and organic lifestyles was all the rave, founder Krystal Burrell Armstrong has a desire and passion to give the world amazing skin – but she was no chemist. Knowing it would take a lot of research, and schooling, to be able to develop a line of products that would work with chemicals, she decided to do the research, minus the schooling, to find a way to develop a line of skin care products that worked – naturally.  Krystal studied essential oils, floral waters, carrier oils and so forth to find out what was needed for every skin type to deliver a full line that delivered results.  Trial and error taught her that she was able to clear skin issues even dermatologists couldn’t – and she knew at that moment she was on to something.  At that time, this was simply a hobby.

Fast forward to May 2014, and the first bottle of sample cleanser sold. Why did it take 7 years to finally decide to introduce this to the world?  Simple – Time is of the essence – and that was when it felt right to Krystal.  She started with samples of her amazing cleansers and moved up to packages of cleansers and moisturizers.  Eventually, the demand grew, the consumers spoke loud and clear, and Andrelle’s turned into a 20 piece line of cleansers, toners, facial oils, moisturizers, masks, scrubs and butters. 

Our main goal is to bring healthy skin to the world – naturally.  We want everyone to be comfortable in their own skin and we know our products can deliver that comfort.  Give us a try; you WON’T be disappointed.